Prime Africa (PA)'s sales consulting services has helped companies in Cameroon excel at critical sales activities such as: designing sales channels that leverage both direct and indirect paths to market; creating the best sales force structure, territory plan, size, allocation and incentive approach; and integrating sales and marketing programs with extraordinary results and levels of efficiency.

In Strategic and Functional planning

• Formulation and implementation of business plan as well as sales and marketing strategic plan

• Segmentation, targeting, positioning and client classification in line with strategy

• Formulation, implementation and follow up of operational and tactical action plan/strategies

• Setting and assigning both “SMART” quantitative and qualitative objectives/targets

• Preparing and managing operational and investment budgets

• Project management skills....

In Organisation and leadership

• Structural organization and definition of activities into regional, departmental and/or services

• Coordinate and supervise activities of above structures and/or services

• Formulate and /or participate in drawing up policies, programs, processes and procedures

• Design job description and participate in the recruitment of collaborators

• As a Team builder; Motivate, Supervise, mentor and coach a multi-disciplinary team towards company strategic objectives

• Managerial Direction and Leadership courage in strategic/operational decision based on business analysis

In Monitoring and Control

• Establish performance evaluation criteria and systems

• Planning, organization, and coordinating of business activities – meeting, forum, etc

• Key and strategic Account Management strategies

• Conceive reporting tools as well as consolidation and presentation of activity reports for performance analysis and business decision

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Our Expertise in Sales

Sales Force Design

The sales force connects an organization to its lifeblood. its customer base. Given this critical role, the sales force is one of the most valuable resources for an organization. Even in challenging economic times, a winning sales force is still a key engine for growth implementing the right design for your sales force and carefully evolving it as market conditions change requires a thorough understanding of customer needs and potential:

  • Which activities should the sales force engage in to create the ideal customer experience? And, how can these activities are organized into effective and “recruitable” selling roles?
  • Which skills and areas of expertise make up the right profile for each selling role?
  • What is the most cost-effective mix of sales channels and sales teams to optimize market coverage?
  • Which accounts, products, services and activities should be assigned to each team?
  • What is the optimal size of each sales team and how should effort be allocated?
  • What is the optimal management reporting structure for the sales organization?


Sales Force Effectiveness

The sales force can be one of the most effective channels to engage your customers. It is also one of the most expensive, frequently costing 10% or more of revenue. It is imperative that you  get the best possible return on this investment.

The best sales force effectiveness initiatives rigorously identify , prioritize and then close gaps in sales strategy and execution capability to capture specific growth opportunities. The goal is not a "bright and shiny sales force," but rather the right investments that result in a substantial increase in business

We have found that sales forces can achieve outstanding effectiveness through:

  • A customer-focused strategy based on value creation, differentiation and superior customer experience
  • A disciplined and diligently executed customer engagement and sales process
  • A highly motivated, performance-focused and accountable sales force committed to "getting it done" and "doing it right" the first time you are assigned a duty
  • Highly efficient support-operations capabilities, providing the sales force with the information, expertise, speed-to-market and efficiency needed to achieve superior performance

We can help you reach these goals to drive stronger top- and bottom-line results in line with the strategic objectives of the company thus providing the share holders value that will ensure growth and increase in the market share of your market segment.


Territory Management

Optimize Your Sales Territories to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Territory management is at the heart of any company’s sales operations. All key processes from sales force planning, organization, monitoring and deployment to incentive compensation and financial reporting depend on efficient, optimized territory management solutions.

Markets today are more dynamic than ever, adding on many new dimensions to territory management:

  • Sales portfolios are expanding and shrinking in record time and when products and clients change suddenly, sales management must add and redraw territories in an instant
  • Sales territories must balance workloads, equalize earning opportunities and ensure that reps efficiently cover their most profitable customers Flexible deployments and multiple sales force roles; this depending on the competences and capabilities of the sales team members
  • The availability of more and increasingly complex data have further challenged central management’s ability to make effective territory management decisions Analytics will be key in territory management to get the maximum out of your different operational teams


Go-to-Market Strategy and Transformation

Achieving Step-Function Increase in Sales and Profitability

Steady and continuous improvement is a hallmark of great sales and marketing organizations. However, market, customer, competitive and company conditions sometimes necessitate a more transformational approach to strategy and capabilities.

PA  helps sales and marketing executives as well as management to identify critical growth opportunities, determine sales and  marketing strategy, and implement the necessary changes  changes that regularly boost our clients’ revenue to attain the optimal level of performances  reaching levels as high as 300% or  more in the mix of acquisition, development and retention in the market place.. We know how to transform sales and marketing strategies and capabilities, while minimizing transition risks and driving sustained adoption of new approaches to meet clients expectations.


Business Process Improvement

Companies invest heavily in their sales and marketing operations. Companies that excel in commercial operations realize a competitive advantage and strong commercial success. Those that don’t maximize commercial operations are at risk of falling short of their potential.

In Times passed, companies have struggled to uncover operational roadblocks and inefficiencies in their sales and marketing departments result in considerable amounts of wasted time, resources and money.

That’s where PA can help. We are experts in improving the flexibility, agility and effectiveness of sales and marketing operations. We will guide you in discovering opportunities to improve quality and shorten cycle times to reduce costs. We will help you identify and address root causes of issues and suggest ways of improving customer satisfaction so your teams can perform at maximum potential. We will assist your SWOT analysis and their optimal implementation to get the best out of your internal resources optimally aligning them to face the external forces


Sales Channel Strategy and Management

Market conditions in the high-tech, telecommunications, industrial products, energy, medical products and other B2B sectors are constantly evolving. Customers demand greater value, complete solutions and customized buying experiences, and will switch suppliers and channels if their goals are not met. B2B companies need a comprehensive channel strategy to determine the types of alliances and channel partners required to meet these demands.

Organizations in the early stages of channel strategy development need to address fundamental questions such as which customer segments to cover and how to assess and develop an effective network of channel partners. Even after establishing partner programs, organizations need to address ongoing issues:

  • How do our partnership requirements change as our solutions portfolio evolves?
  • Which partner program benefits are having an impact and which ones are not? Where should we increase our investment and which areas need redirection?
  • How should we segment our partners and determine the program benefits we offer to each segment?
  • How can we improve visibility into partner performance and enable effective decision making?
  • How should we develop channel sales and marketing offers and campaigns?


Sales Compensation

Compensation That Boosts Sales Force Retention and Market Share

An effective sales compensation plan boosts sales force motivation, grows sales and market share, makes selling costs predictable and reduces the cost of plan administration. An inferior plan does the opposite. PA has worked with more companies to set sales goals and design compensation plans, run their compensation operations, and provide software so our clients that can administer their own plans.

Meet the Needs of All Your Key Stakeholders

Many companies struggle to establish a sales compensation plan that addresses the often-conflicting needs of sales leadership and field personnel, the CFO, HR managers, and the head of sales operations. As a leader in sales and marketing consulting, we intimately understand how sales compensation processes really work and how to make them answer the needs of all key stakeholders. Designing  models that will permit management approval decision that shows that the compensation plan is cost efficient and delivers the required performances objectives.


We are uncommon blend of business consultants and technical experts who work together to achieve sustainable success

Working with diverse clients across the globe, we have extensive experience in implementing solutions in multiple countries and across multiple industries. We have assisted companies of all sizes and with all types of business challenges meet their varying objectives

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  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Education
  • Energy & Natural Resources
  • Financial Services
  • Industrial product & Services
  • High-Tech & Tele Comms
  • Medical Product & Services
  • Non-profit Org.
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